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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount with Low Profile Design for 40″ – 82″ TVs – Eliminate Glare with 10º of Smooth Tilt – Slides to Center Between Studs & Can Be Leveled After Install – 2019 Upgrade

Some Like it Hot We’ve all heard it before: “Don’t mount your TV above a fireplace!” and “it’s bad for your TV!” Oh, and our personal favorite – “it strains your neck!” But at the end of the day… you’re going to do it anyway, right? Right. Sometimes, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. The rest of your walls are already spoken for by your “vintage” Dave Matthews Band poster collection, and above the mantle is the only spot that’s left. And that’s ok. (Well, the TV placement. We’ll save the chat about those posters for another day.) In fact, this mount is actually perfect for classic viewing setups centered around TV viewing, and especially great for above the fireplace – it tilts down up to 10 degrees for comfortable viewing! Begone, neck strain shamers. Ommmm: Find Your Center Suffering from off-center stud syndrome? Does the thought of mounting your TV anywhere but smack dab in the middle of your wall or above the mantle cause stress and sleep loss? Don’t worry, friend. You’re certainly not alone. Echogear’s here for you, perfectionists, and that’s why we designed this mount so that it can be slid left or right on its wall plate for perfect on-wall centering. So that you, too, can find your center again. A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3 (Humming Yet?) What do a catchy tune and simple, straightforward installation instructions have in common? They make people happy! And at Echogear, that’s what we’re all about. This mount is really easy to install. In fact, you can have it up on your wall in just 3, simple steps that take even the most handy-challenged of us less than 20 minutes. (Looking at you, Josh Theintern.) Attach wall plate to wall. Attach brackets to TV. Hang TV. Don’t believe us? Take a peek at the installation manual (downloadable on this page!) and see for yourself. Model: EGLT3

Product Features

  • Kill screen glare with effortless tilt. Upgraded tilt mechanism lets you adjust the TV with just your fingertip. Use the orange tension knob to customize tilt to your screen size.
  • Installs in less than 20 minutes in just 3 steps. Includes wall template for worry-free drilling. A wise guy once said “keep it simple, stupid,” and we listened. You’re welcome.
  • Extra-wide wall plate spans more than 24″, accommodating wide stud spacing. Slide the TV left or right to perfectly center the TV after install.
  • Level anytime – even after installation! Hey, we believe in second chances. Pull strings let you remove the TV & safely lock back in with a satisfying click.
  • Tested for safety… and we passed. Like, A+ passed, because this mount is UL-certified. Got a question during install? Our US support team is available 7 days a week.

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ELITE MOUNT – Heavy Duty Dual Arm Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung UN75JU6500 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, Reduced Glare – Buy Smart!

Brand New

• For TV Size: 37″ – 90″
• Holds Up To 165 lbs.
• Max VESA 800×400
• Articulating Arm From 3″ – 18″ Projection From Wall
• 12 deg. Tilt Down For Perfect Viewing From Couch, Floor Or Bed
• Pivots For Increased Viewing Angles
• Includes All Mounting Hardware

The Dream Mount
Make Your Dreams Come True!

Product Features

  • Commercially approved Duel Arm articulating wall mount.
  • Can support TVs up to 90 inches. Full pivot support for left and right panning. 18 degree Tilting capability.
  • The articulating mounts are stunning pieces of engineering, and are the most flexible mounts for flat panel displays.
  • The articulating mounts offer maximum adjustability.
  • Brand New & 1 Year Limited Warranty

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HUANUO Dual Fixed Monitor Mount, Prevent Neck/Back Pain & Get 50% More Work Done! Computer Arm Improves Body Posture, Monitor Arm Reduces Screen Glare! Clutter-Free Desk, Best Computer Monitor Stand!


You Can Finally Get More Work Done, Reduce Screen Glare All While Improving Your Posture
No need to waste your time at work feeling groggy, unmotivated or unhappy. Using our Monitor Desk Arm you can choose the perfect position & angle to place your computer screens.
No more slouching or arching your back which leads to poor posture and back pains. Maneuver your screens to the most comfortable and healthiest position possible.
Tilt your screens at any angle to prevent screen glare on those sunny days while working at home or at the office. Spend more time working, less time being irritated.

Easily Reduce Eye, Neck & Shoulder Pain While Creating a More Focused Working Environment
Your health is your wealth. We’ve all heard this saying. But how many of us actually live by this. It’s easy to say but harder to do.
With this Dual Monitor Mount you can finally have the perfect, most focused working environment while preventing & reducing your eye, neck, shoulder & back pain.
Your brand new Double Monitor Mount will help you to improve your health by allowing you to spend less of your time arching your neck and back downwards and straining your eyes to see your screen clearly.
Easily adjust your monitors to your desired position & angle which as a result will not only improve your health but also help you to create a more focused & ideal working environment for yourself!

Get up to 50% More Work Done & Prevent Eye, Shoulder & Neck Pain OR We’ll Send You a Refund!

If You’re Ready to Increase Your Productivity by Up to 50% & Reduce the Pain in your Neck, Shoulders & Back therefore Improving Your Posture & Health, Click the Add to Cart Button Now to Find Out What You’ve Been Missing!

Product Features

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & REDUCE NECK, SHOULDER & BACK PAIN: If you’ve spent hours a day hunched over looking at your screen trying to get work done & feeling the stiffness & pains slowly creeping into your neck, shoulders & back, then this monitor stand is PERFECT for you! It helps reduce and prevent terrible shoulder & neck pains & can also help INCREASE your productivity by up to 50% by adjusting your screen to find the best position which can enhance your energy levels and concentration.
  • PEAK WORKING POSITION, REDUCE GLARE & IMPROVE POSTURE: Avoid poor posture & work performance from bending over for hours trying to finish your work just before the deadline. By using a computer monitor mount you can choose the most comfortable & healthiest position so you can get your work done in half the time while improving your posture. Make your screen glare-free by easily tilting or swiveling the mount to your desired position so you can spend more time working, less time being irritated!
  • CLUTTER-FREE, MORE FOCUSED WORKING CONDITIONS & LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Computers take up a lot of space. Look at your desk right now. Covered by your computer screen, keyboard & some pens & paper. A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind and makes you less productive & concentrated. This computer and monitor stand will allow you to get up to 50% more work done while clearing your mind & making you more focused OR we will send you your money right back! Backed by our LIFETIME GUARANTEE!
  • FITS INTO COMPACT SPACES, TIME SAVING INSTALLATION & NO MORE TANGLY WIRES: Sometimes your workspace isn’t the biggest. You’re cramped into a 6ft cubicle with a tiny desk with only enough room for your & your computer. Your monitor holder can help you fit into tight spaces while freeing up deskspace. Install the computer monitor arm in less than 30 mins from box opening to complete installation. Get rid of ugly, tangled wires by using our cable system that will keep your cables hidden & tidy!
  • GET MORE WORK DONE WITH 2 SCREENS, FIND OPENED TABS/DOCS EASIER: If you are in a rush to get work done & have like a hundred tabs/docs open at once & can’t find the one you need at the right time then this dual monitor desk mount is exactly what you need. Use the 2 screens to have multiple tabs/documents open at once & not get easily lost in the madness! You need to get your project done asap so the dual desk monitor mount will help you find the info you already have opened easier.

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