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TNP Xbox One Wall Mounting Clip – Sensor Camera Wall Mount TV Clip Monitor Dock Bracket Stand Holder Base for Xbox One Kinect 2.0 Black [Xbox One]

This Wall Mount for Xbox One Kinect 2.0 is the ideal solution for wall-mounted flat panel TVs and also home theater projectors. Designed with convenience in mind, the Wall Mount detaches easily from the wall plate to allow the Xbox One Kinect 2.0 Sensor and the Wall Mount to be stored when not in use.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatible With: Xbox One Kinect 2.0 Only

Package Content:

  • 1x Wall Mount Bracket for Xbox One Kinect 2.0
  • 4x Plastic anchors
  • 4x Screws

Product Features

  • Specially designed to securely mount your Kinect Camera on Wall
  • Perfect for wall-mounted flat-panel TVs and home theater projectors
  • Easily removable from wall to allow mount to be hidden
  • Slide & clip the sensor platform for easy mounting & storage
  • Lightweight and adjustable, Easy storage and convenient use

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Sling Swivels (2-Pack), Size: 1.25 inch, Quick Clip Detach (QD) Mount for Gun, Rifle or Shotgun Sling Attachments, Black – Occult

The Occult Sling Swivels are designed to make sure that your sling is attached securely to your gun, so you can focus in on the larger picture while in the field. Made from high strength steel, these swivels are made to last. Attach and detach from your gun in seconds with a quick 3-Step feature. The swivels can then be screwed down to lock-in on a secure position. Slightly bent on the edge to create an arched design which applies pressure evenly amongst the swivel. The knob contains small ridges to make it easy to grip, and help you secure the swivels onto your gun. No need to worry about the swivels coming undone in the locked position. Each swivel attachment comes in a pack of two to allow your sling clips on both sides. Swivels created to mount to any standard stud found in rifles, and shotguns (Studs not included).

Product Features

  • MADE TO FIT – Swivel loops designed slightly larger to assure a snug fit, without bunching the loop on your sling. The notch is cut to precision with quality assurance that follows. The 1 inch swivels will fit anything up to 1 inch, and same goes for the 1.25″ and 1.5″ sling swivels.
  • DURABLE – Made of steel, these swivels are created to live up to nature’s elements. The sling swivels have a flat black coating on the exterior to add an extra layer of protection, while also dampening the sound of the swivel when it “clinks” against anything.
  • QUICK DETACH – Easily remove the swivels in a fast and efficient way, while allowing for a positive lock, every time. Swivels are easily removed in three simple motions, and can be screwed down to ensure a lock that won’t come undone.
  • SILENT – Once the swivel is locked in the secure position, the swivel can only move to 90 degrees in one direction allowing there to be no swing into the gun. The extra coating on the outside dampens the high pitched ring of regular steel.
  • LOCK SYSTEM – The design allows for a secure lock to make sure your sling is in the right position, and is sturdy. Once the swivel is tightened down, it can’t come undone until screwed the opposite direction. This makes sure that there are no clips coming undone. Fits guns with swivel mount already mounted.

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InnoGear Sturdy Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Suspension Mic Clip Adjustable Boom Studio Scissor Arm, Spring Built-in Stand for Blue Yeti Snowball Microphone and Blue Yeti Nano

InnoGear microphone scissor arm stand is suitable for any stores, families, stages, studios, broadcasting and TV stations, etc. It is made of high quality iron frame. Max load: 2KG. Movement is solid and smooth without any metal noise.
Single stand length: 19inch (48.3cm)
Square pipe diameter: 0.53inch (1.34cm)
Maximum clamping thickness of the base: 1.97inch (5cm)
Maximum vertical height: 33.5inch (85.0cm)
Maximum horizontal height: 38.0inch (96.5cm)
Maximum weight: Max 2kg (4.4lb)
Specification of connecting rod connector: 5/8″
Material: Iron
Package Included
1x InnoGear Spring Built-in Microphone Stand
1x InnoGear Desk Mounting Clamp
5 x Velcro Ties
1 x User Manual
1、The base can only be clamped on the flat edge of the table, otherwise it cannot be fixed, it will damage the stand and microphone.
2、Test that you have mounted the clam securely by seeing if you can pull it off the edge of the table.
3、When you need to rotate the stand, first loosen the fixing screws on the side of the base, rotate the stand to the desired direction, and then tighten it again to avoid scratching the pins on the stand.

Product Features

  • Spring built-in balance system looks more upscale and professional than others whose are exposed to the outside.
  • The bearing capacity of microphone stand has been improved significantly to hold up to 4.4 lbs.
  • The length of single scissor arm stand is 19 inches which could be rotate 360 degrees with a maximum reach of 38 inches horizontally and 33.5 inches vertically.
  • The square tube with 0.53 inch is better material than square pipe with normal size of 0.39 inch.
  • The sturdy microphone stand with better compatibility even without hanging any heavy weights could be balanced at any position within adjustable range and will not bounce up. It is suitable for both heavy-duty microphones and light microphones.

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