Premier Mounts FLIP-B Vesa Cabinet Swingout Mount, Mounting Kit, Black

The flip-down mount allows the mounting a LCD flat-panel beneath any cabinet or other horizontal surface. It holds displays up to 24-inch.

Product Features

  • Simple torque settings allow flat-panel to stay in position when not in use
  • Designed to flip down from beneath Cabinet
  • Can mount sideways to function as a swing out mount
  • Flat-panel may pivot 360°
  • Flat-panel may be positioned anywhere along the support post

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3 Comments to “Premier Mounts FLIP-B Vesa Cabinet Swingout Mount, Mounting Kit, Black”

  • Anonymous March 15, 2020 at 7:07 am

    Solidly built, comes with an amazing amount of high-quality mounting hardware Bought this for a special installation; instead of hanging down under a cabinet, it went into an office armoire to allow a monitor to be flipped up when in use, and folded down (and forward) on its face when not.To do that required the oval stand you see to be mounted on a 3-inch thick block block of wood, as the monitor, if tilted forward to rest on its face, was too thick to allow it to rest flush against the sliding desk-top. This is something to be aware of when doing your…

  • Anonymous March 15, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Problem Solved! Like many people, we like to have the television on when we’re in the kitchen. Whether for noise or news, it seems essential. We have had a counter-top TV for years, and it had been taking up more than its share of room for all that time, but we didn’t have the ideal location to put it on a shelf. We recently purchased a small flat-screen HDTV that takes up much less counter space, but was just a bit too tall to fit under the cabinetry when on its stand. After searching, I saw this…

  • Anonymous March 15, 2020 at 7:42 am

    Sags Once mounted the unit sagged – didn’t hug the underside of the counter. Tightening it left it very hard to pull down – loosening it and it still sagged. I could see where over time this would be the cycle: tighten – loosen, sag – tighten – loosen, sag. Doing some research I found that two others had the same experience with sagging. And, if you have cupboards that are the standard 12 inches deep this flip down unit will protrude about an inch beyond the underside of the cabinet once a 15 inch…

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