Mount-It! TV Safety Straps for Child and Baby Proofing, Anti-Tip Prevention and Earthquake Protection, Heavy-Duty Metal Connectors, Secures to TV Stand and Walls

Mount-It. TV Safety Straps For Child and Baby Proofing, Anti-Tip Prevention and Earthquake Protection. The heavy duty webbing and metal connectors can be secured to the wall or a TV stand with an included clamp base.

Product Features

  • PROTECT YOUR KIDS: Anchor safely your TV or furniture to prevent them from tipping over with Mount-It! heavy duty anti-tip TV & furniture straps. The best quality mount TV manufacturer brings you premium anti-tip safety. Our TV safety straps safeguard your children against accidents and protect your TV set against earthquakes.
  • ALL TV ANCHORS HARDWARE INCLUDED: Heavy duty TV and furniture anchors feature all essential hardware components to secure your flat screen television or furniture on the wall or the TV stand. Works on glass TV stands also. No need to buy bolts, screws or tools!
  • TOP QUALITY METAL PARTS: Mount-It! wall and TV stand straps are the best quality material on the market today, featuring heavy-duty resistant metal parts for excellent stability that guarantees lifetime use. Make your home a safer place for your kids and enjoy the peace of mind provided by our premium anti-tip TV straps!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No handyman needed here. Mount your furniture straps in minutes! Install them in no time and discreetly childproof your entire home in a matter of minutes with the user-friendly earthquake safety straps!
  • PEACE OF MIND IS ONLY A CLICK AWAY – Add to your cart now! Baby proof your home before your little one is on the move.

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2 Comments to “Mount-It! TV Safety Straps for Child and Baby Proofing, Anti-Tip Prevention and Earthquake Protection, Heavy-Duty Metal Connectors, Secures to TV Stand and Walls”

  • Anonymous May 21, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Excellent and super easy to install Took me about 10 minutes to install this and now I’m not worried about the TV falling over and damaging itself or my kids/dogs. It screwed right into the TV no problem and then attached to the stand easily! 2 things though. 1) we already had attached the TV stand to the wall. I would hesitate to use this unless you had a nice sturdy stand and/or you screwed the stand to the wall as the whole thing could still tip otherwise. 2) you need a lip on the top of the TV stand/dresser/whatever for this…

  • Anonymous May 21, 2019 at 9:42 pm

    IMPORTANT – my safety strap arrived threaded backwards! (Loosened easily, requires rethreading.) The straps are shipped assembled, however, my Mount-It! strap was threaded backwards! After installing, I tested the straps by pulling up just above the buckle as if an earthquake was throwing it upwards. Mine loosened up easily and instantly. I fixed it by re-threading the straps. First unthread it from the buckle, then insert it from the bottom middle and thread back. Note: your shipped item may be fine. Please make sure to test it after installing it.Aside from that small snafu,…

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